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This (MP3) album was uploaded for your enjoyment, If you liked it,  I suggest you to support the artist by buying the album.

01. Walk The Line
02. Goddess
03. Don’t Need Yall
04. Lady Pato
05. Rolex
06. Leave it
07. Live a Little
08. New bitch
09. Cheeks
10. Impossible is Nothing
11. Change Your Life
12. Fuck Love
13. Last Plane
14. Hilite
15. Monkey
16. Didey Sound

There are 16 songs on The New Classic, with titles like, “Monkey,” “Cheeks,” and “Leave It.” The hip-hop album is the product of two years of work with Grand Hustle/Interscope Records and Azalea is ready to show us what she’s been up to. In an interview with MTV News, she explained, “I want this album to give a perspective on my life.”


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